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IKO Cambridge Cool Colors shingles can be used to comply with California's Title 24, Part 6 cool roof requirements to help reduce a home's carbon footprint, potentially reduce home energy bills and possibly increase property values. Now, IKO's NEW COOL and COOL PLUS color blends with an SRI of 20 or greater can boost a roofs reflectivity by 25 percent over the Title 24, Part 6 minimum standard of SRI 16 for steep sloped roofs! Homeowners who reside in Los Angeles City and County, where cool roofing reflectance requirements are in effect, can use cool roofing shingles with an SRI of 20 or greater, in order to comply.

Shingles with an SRI of 16+ can still be used to comply with California's Title 24, Part 6 cool roof requirements. Some lighter colored shingles can achieve a Solar Reflectance Index (SRI) of 16 or greater with our standard granules. However, to achieve an SRI of 20 or greater on the darker hues, we embed surface granules that are specially designed with infrared-reflective pigments to transmit less of the suns solar energy or radiant heat into your home's attic.

This helps your roof and the home it protects stay cooler than if it were roofed with conventional shingles. Exactly how much energy can be saved will depend on your areas geography, climate, utility rates, your homes HVAC system and other factors.

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IKO is pleased to announce that our Cambridge Cool Colors shingles are now available in three distinct color series.

Our COOL PLUS shingles offer the ultimate combination of sought-after dark color blends and an SRI of 20 to comply with the more stringent Los Angeles City and County cool roof reflectance requirements.

Weatherwood Cool Plus


Harvard Slate Cool Plus


Dual Brown Cool Plus


Graphite Black Cool Plus


Our COOL shingles deliver an SRI of 20 and are available in popular, medium-toned color blends.

Canyon Oak Cool


Sand Dune Cool


Finally, our Natural Cool Colors shingles are available in our lightest color blends. They remain an affordable choice in California locations where local roof reflectance requirements demand an SRI of 16 . Dual Grey offers the additional benefit of blue-green algae resistance.

Amber Burst Natural Cool


Arctic White Natural Cool


Dual Grey Natural Cool


See your favorite shingle color on a photo of your own home with IKO's FREE interactive app.

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Our IKO PRO4 Roofing Components are specifically designed to work best with IKO shingles.


1. Eave Protection

2. Underlayment

3. Starter Strip

4. Ridge Cap Shingles

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